Thankfulness Day 21: I am thankful for Internet

This is a great time we are living in. Information is readily available. All. The. Time.

I am thankful for the Internet.

Today, I am thankful for internet. And youtube. If there is anything you want to learn – bam – there it is. Over the weekend I was wanting to learn about a particular sewing technique. Boom, loads of videos showing me how.

What a great world.

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Thankfulness Day 16:  I am thankful for my car

I had the same car for a long time. I didn’t pick it out and it was everything I didn’t want in a car.

A few months ago, I got a new car. I picked it out. Me! It is the first car I ever really picked myself. And, I love it.

When the sales man asked what I wanted I said it has to have leather seats and a sunroof. Everything else is optional. Can I just say I am in love with the sun roof?

I am so thankful for my car!

From my heart to yours.


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