About Me

Welcome to 1 Happy Heart!1 Happy Heart

Who am I?

My name is Jen and I am the creator of 1 Happy Heart. I am a North Texas native, a wife, a mom, a full-time employee and part-time blogger. I am passionate about building a life that I love.

What is 1 Happy Heart?

I noticed that I was spending a good amount of time reading and perusing things that build on my passion to create a life that I love. This is my place to build this collection (inspirational quotes, heart-warming stories, books, music, entertainment, etc). I also wanted a place to share things that inspire me to live a life filled with joy (inside and out). You will find things that make me think, things that touch my heart, beautiful decor I would love to emulate in my surroundings, or maybe a delicious recipe. Life is short. Build a life of joy!

For inspiration, start with where to find your happy place.